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Addressing your Real Estate and Financial Objectives

Whether you have been involved in multi-million dollar real estate transactions or are investing money in residential rental properties for the first time, we can provide any or all of the following:

  • Plan of Action Development and Review
  • Real Estate Financial Analysis
  • Lease Analysis [Comparing multiple leases and their nuances]
  • Lease vs. Purchase Analysis [Factoring economic value with short and long-term goals]
  • Property Location [Finding new sites and, when needed, assisting in the sale of current property]
  • Buyer or Seller Representation
  • Land Development [Including Retail, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential]
  • Construction Management and Consulting Services
  • Real Estate Consultation Services

Our Staff and network of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, from all of the necessary disciplines, are committed to helping you make your investment in real estate a positive experience and a profitable venture. We will also work with your attorneys and tax professionals as part of a team effort to maximize the financial benefits of all your real estate transactions.

For further information, please call Wayne Kurchina, CCIM, ILrealty Inc., Kurchina & Associates at 815-344-8900, or e-mail Wayne@ILrealtyInc.com.

Commercial Property and Land Development:

While industry expertise and knowledge are a “must have” when providing guidance to those seeking to invest in real estate, that is not always the case.

At ILrealty, our staff and network of industry professionals will consult with you about your goals for property investment. We are specialists who know the current and ever changing geo-demographics, economic conditions, job market, housing trends, development projections, and other relevant issues that affect real estate prices and strategies in Northeastern Illinois. We can also assist you with your real estate needs in other locations throughout Illinois.

Whether you are looking into office buildings, hotels, land search for development, strip malls, apartments, diversified land development, construction management and/or consulting services, our staff at ILrealty, Inc., Kurchina & Associates can help you reach your goals.

Investment Property:

This is non-owner occupied property. It can include single-family homes, multifamily housing, or commercial condominiums up to four units. As with commercial property, you are working to get a return on your investment involving both rental income and capital appreciation. To maximize your investment, you need to know the local economic conditions that affect the job market and how this affects the rental market. We have the information you need and will work with you and experts in the field, and in the region, to find the best property available for your real estate investment.

We will search and locate the properties that meet your specifications and/or sell your current property. We will be with you every step of the way, working for your best interests. We have a record of success in helping the experienced investor as well as offering guidance to those who are new to investment property.

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